You've got questions! I've got answers...but should I happen to not, I'll surely research it for you!
Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

What is Pure Romance?
Pure Romance is a line of high quality, sensual products designed to empower women and enhance
relationships.  We provide in-home parties for adult women to showcase our products and give you the
chance to get some for free!

Is there an age limit?
You must be at least 18 years old to purchase from Pure Romance and to host a party.  Other than that, you
can be 18 years old or 118 years old to release your inner bad girl or wild child!

Can anyone attend the party?
NO! Males and anyone younger than 18 years old cannot attend Pure Romance Parties. Parties are for
women only, but the men will surely benefit afterward.  

But can my male counterpart order something for me?
YES! Men are allowed to order products. So, feel free to give him your entire wish list!

Do I have to pay to host a party?
NO! Hosting a party if absolutely free for you! And if you haven't got it by now...YOU EARN FREE PRODUCTS

How can I order?
You can order by hosting a party, order online, or by giving me a call (812-391-9203).

Do I have to host a party to order?
Nope! You can order anytime, anywhere online or almost anytime, anywhere over the phone.

If it's shipped to my house, will everyone know what I ordered?
NO! All orders come in a discreet package.  You know....the regular, old plain boxes and bubble envelopes.

Do I have to pay to become a consultant?
Yes.  You'll need to purchase your training kit ranging from $149 to $1500. Not to mention that they always go
on sale!
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Pure Romance With Lindsey
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Pure Romance With Lindsey
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